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In June 2020, the certification mark regarding the implementation of SMIn (Innovation Management System) of the National Research and Development Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering ,,Horia Hulubeiā€¯ in the field : research and development in other natural sciences and engineering ā€“ CAEN Code 7219, in accordance with the requirements of the standard: SR 13572:2016, awarded by CIT-IRECSON. The issued certificate is registered under no : CIT /13/1/23.06.2020.


The extension of participation at international events, especially related to cooperation in the area of Central Europe and the South East and the Western Balkans through participation as speakers at conferences including the JRC-TT's in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia.


CTTM enrolls in cooperative projects both in the management team (GAMMA + "Competitiveness through innovation and improvement of manufacturing processes with technological gamma irradiation") as well as coordinator on behalf of IFIN-HH in partnership (Strategy and methods for boosting the promotion of research results and new tools for market development and innovation"-Sectorial Plan, Ministry of Research and Innovation)


CTTM organized the first HEPTech Symposium dedicated to young researchers, aimed at developing their entrepreneurial skills, Intellectual Property Rights knowledge, negotiations techniques, setting up and presenting a business proposal. The Symposium scheduled between June 19-25, brought together 19 young PHD and MS students from all over Europe. The event was mentioned in CERN Courier of August 12, 2016 issue.


IFIN-HH's CTTM launched a new initiative: the creation of Magurele Science Park, a large Scientific and Technology Park nearby the future ELI-NP premises, using ELI-NP as focal point and keystone for the future Park. This was embraced immediately by the Ilfov County Council, the Magurele Municipality, MHTC management all joining the initiative committee and received the support of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Energy, SME's and Business Environment.


In November 2013 under an initiative of CTTM started one year before, a new entity gathering over 30 SME's from the scientific research, industrial manufacturing, IT etc was established: Magurele High Tech Cluster (MHTC). This entity has now more than 85 members.


In January 2012 CTTM was accredited by the National Agency for Scientific Research of the Ministry of Education. In June 2012 a CTTM representative was appointed as country representative within ENET, CERN's network of TTOs of the Member States. In November 2012 CTTM organized the first CERN-HEPTech event in Bucharest related to Technology T-ransfer, Intellectual Property Rights and CERN procurement. These major steps transformed Romania's IFIN-HH in an active and equally positioned player within CERN's members' states offering both the opportunity of joining LHC's newest scientific experiments, a wide area of cooperation projects and a way to better valorize Romania's financial contribution through CERN's procurement bids.


At the beginning the technology transfer activity was carried out within IFIN-HH together with other related tasks (such as dissemination of information, public relations) through the library department. At mid-2011 the Center for Technology Transfer and Marketing (CTTM) was established independently. In December 2011, taking advantage of CERN's well acclaimed initiative of transferring the results of the scientific research and knowledge through its KT Department, IFIN-HH joined HEPTech, CERN's network for Technology Transfer between European leading research institutes in the field of High Energy Particles.

Proactive participation in various international and domestic organizations and networks such as: