Our Mission

  • Generating economic growth and employment
  • Bringing the intellectual property generated by the Research Infrastructure into public use as rapidly as possible while protecting academic and research freedom.

Means and ways to fulfil the strategic objectives:

  • A pro-active policy towards industrial relationships;
  • Translation of strategic industrial trends for IFIN-HH's future research programs;
  • Creation of a genuine business and entrepreneurial culture through:
    • Recruitment process;
    • Creation of a Contact Point Engineers/Scientists within the Center for Technology Transfer and Marketing (CTTM);
    • Training of new recruits in business and technology transfer;
    • Pecuniary and non-pecuniary schemes, like creating a fund for innovation

Specific measures:

  • Rethinking the importance of registering and licensing the intellectual property rights of IFIN-HH research team as core of TT activity, with a careful orientation to a broader international licensing (for better use and protection) using a process based on the following steps:
    • Invention disclosure;
    • Evaluation of the commercial potential of the invention;
    • Decision to patent the invention or not,
    • Invention marketing,
    • Negotiation and closing a deal,
    • Monitoring and following-up deals,
    • Patent renewals.
  • Exploring new fields and developing new research programs in joint venture with other research institutes especially in the agricultural, industrial, biochemical, environmental and medical fields based on real commercial applications;
  • Establishing an active dialogue between academia and industry (through conferences, meetings, round tables etc.) in order to identify new business opportunities;
  • Negotiating and signing industry sponsored research agreements;
  • Joining other research networks (such as HEPTech) and actively participating in common research programs for both fundamental and applied sciences;
  • Using the skilled IFIN-HH's personnel for outsourcing parts/phases of research projects initiated by foreign research institutes in partnership;
  • Expanding the fee based services of consulting and training on nuclear activities in accordance with the present and future level of the development of such applications;
  • Structuring a "catalogue" (list of) of commercially oriented products and services aimed at offering a contract/price based framework for negotiating with domestic and foreign industry in view of selling IFIN-HH output;
  • Special emphasis on manufacturing prototypes and developing small scale production facilities, based on industry support/orders and selling opportunities.